This is where Bilingual Therapists can 

disrupt illness inducing life & career practices.

Our mission is to create a community of highly skilled bilingual therapists who have the freedom to use their knowledge, passion and energy to create what they really want in life...


Learn & practice the skills now, so you expand into your 2022 without compromising your relationships or health.

Hi, I’m Regina L. Isaias

Your Career Navigation Guide

As a first generation Latina, health-entrepreneur, mother, sibling survivor of suicide, and a bilingual family therapist; I can’t ignore the alarm bells activated by the multitiered stressors of the 2 past years.

I'm dedicating this year to help fellow Bilingual Therapists. Why? Our communities need us and I don't want you to burn out.

In our work together, I will share the frameworks, practices and curated resources that have helped me navigate life & practice in various stages of therapist & entrepreneur journey.

I’m here to help you create your own path to create the life & practice that aligns with you and where you want to be in 1 year.